Well its been a long time since I posted on here, I would say life has gotten in the way and it has to some extent, but caching has gotten in the way, I started this to share experiences and I’ve not shared any for years but I have decided this needs to change.

So caching goals normally at the start of a calendar year I set myself some targets, the last three for four years I have not that they are always achieved, and if they are met early on a new target comes in so I thought I’d share what my goals were for this year.

  • 15,000 finds overall (met)
  • Reach 750 Multi caches found (met)
  • Reach 175 Earthcaches found (met)
  • Reach 1600 Mystery caches found (met)
  • Reach 150 Letterbox hybrid found
  • Complete d/t x2

So as you can see I’ve achieved already a few of the item on the list for 2022, others are proving a bit more challenging, considering that 2022 has been my best year of finds so far. The other thing I have picked up on more this year are challenge caches. If you are not aware of what a challenge cache is you have to meet certain requirements to be able to log the cache for example to have found 500 multi caches. There previous were not many of these local but a few were placed out for the West Midlands mega event so these might influence my goals. Its not always about numbers it might to be find certain caches of an age or to visit certain places

So when 2023 approaches I will look to set some more targets for the year ahead, and hopefully share them on here.

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