So did I achieve my targets for 2022 well when I last posted I had already met some so lets see how I did in 2022 then I’ll go on and set some targets for 2023.

So my 2022 targets were as follows ;

  • 15,000 finds overall (met)
  • Reach 750 Multi caches found (met)
  • Reach 175 Earthcaches found (met)
  • Reach 1600 Mystery caches found (met)
  • Reach 150 Letterbox hybrid found (met)
  • Complete d/t x2 (failed 1 square still left to do)

But 2022 was my best ever year for finds 2733 made up of 1438 Traditional finds, 794 AdLabs, 213 Multis, 200 mystery caches, 34 letterbox, 16 Earthcaches and a small number of the other cache types. It did help the Mega in the UK was in my home county so lots of new caches to find.

So onto to my 2023 targets

  • 18000 finds
  • Reach 1000 Multi caches found
  • Reach 200 Earthcache finds
  • Reach 200 Letterbox finds
  • Reach 75 Virtual finds
  • Complete d/t x2
  • Traditional D/T Grid

Some of these targets are more challenging than others and initially a a slow start to 2023 so far but with the team of caches that i cache with no doubt some of these will fit into some of there targets for the year ahead.

So for anyone setting there goals for 2023 good luck with them.

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