So did I achieve my targets for 2023 wasn’t as good as I had hoped achieved three got close to one and others just fell by the wayside. And I’d also like to say thank you to those I’ve cached with over the last year often as Team SCG (Saturday Caching Group) made up of Manxrose, WavyDale, DTS63, Wild Goosey, JnKFox, PurpleStarGiraffe, WillowtheCat, The Stones, and Aegean Pirates.

So my 2023 targets were as follows ;

  • 18000 finds ( Met 18510)
  • Reach 1000 Multi caches found (Met 1128)
  • Reach 200 Earthcache finds (Met 201)
  • Reach 200 Letterbox finds (Failed 178)
  • Reach 75 Virtual finds (Failed 74 one off)
  • Complete d/t x2 (Failed Still two squares off)
  • Traditional D/T Grid (Failed was 2 off now 3 off)

But 2023 was my second best ever year for finds 2331 with plenty of trips out and about around the country but mostly within the Midlands.

So onto to my 2024 targets

  • 20000 finds
  • Reach 1200 Multi caches found
  • Reach 200 Letterbox finds
  • Reach 100 Virtual finds
  • Complete d/t x2
  • Traditional D/T Grid

Some of these targets are more challenging than others and after failing them in 2023 see if we can progress in 2024, in the year ahead.

So for anyone setting there goals for 2024 good luck with them.

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