Day 3

River Severn view, from bridge in Newtown

River Severn view, from bridge in Newtown

Third day in Newtown, after having a hearty breakfast, it was into Newtown to grab the Church multi and the Newtown Trial which I had gone wrong somewhere but didn’t have time to grab it today before the journey home, Headed off in the car through Kerry and grabbed Llanmererig Loop 1 as a cache and dash, before passing through Kerry before grabbing a couple of more caches along the A489 before driving up to Church Stoke then onto Craven arms and onto Church Stretton to stretch the legs and a quick walk around the few open shops, would have grabbed a cache but no phone signal so it meant that i could get the app to load and find caches around here I would be able to home in on.

Wound my way through Much Wenlock then onto to Telford and grabbed a few essential items I needed then headed home

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