This is an small village just outside of Bridgnorth in Shropshire, there was a event been held there as well as two loop walks there todo, I headed out what I call early on a Saturday morning. Along with a group of other geocachers and the CO headed out to complete the new series. There were some Devilish hides from the CO on this series a few of them took a bit of searching to dig out. Part way round we came across another group completing the series from the other way around, our group soon made it back to the church where tea and coffee were provided along with cakes which we could purchase, there was also some other local produce available that purchase of this went towards the upkeep of the Church which doubled up as a Community hub for the village.

After eating a slice of cake and then had finished a cup a tea a smaller group were going to complete the existing loop in the area, I jointed up with Monki and UknowWho and we headed around the series only not attempting the COs 5*5 tree climb multi we did the first stage but the second stage the tree climb was beyond our skills without some safety equipment we had spotted the cache from the ground in the tree. A good days caching with 30 caches found and just one DNF.

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