About Me

Well a little about me I suppose, I’m from Brewood (Pronounced Brew-wood) in South Staffordshire, I have been caching since 2010, I was introduced to it from two sources first it was mentioned at work Though some Veteran geocachers the Washers, and my brother had seen the app. It took me a while to get going only a few finds to start off with.

I have a graduate degree in Environmental Biology, a Master’s Degree in Strategic IT Management. I enjoy walking, reading fantasy, science fiction and crime books and building websites, and like photography and painting war gaming models.

Where does my Caching name come from well, after a recent comment “I thought you’d be older and grey” my caching name comes from a Character I originally played in a game of Warhammer quest a Wizard, this then became my persona in an online RPG called Ultima Online and then later Guildwars. The image is from the Ultima days and is from our guilds gallery, it’s sorta stuck ever since.