Well as i’m not one for camping i don’t tend to stay at the mega events that happen, but Piratemania was in Naseby this year which was only just over an hour away, so agreed to meet up with some of the ususal gang there. Three of travelled with me doing the driving was joined by Wavydale (Dave) and DTS63 (Dee) for this trip.

We made good time and arrived in the area over an hour beforehand do we decided to head down to Brixworth country park, as there was a virtual cache here and a set of 5 adventure lab caches. We raced around this set of adventure labs following the same course in part of the Park runners, but no medal, then headed to the main event.

After signing in to the event the folk we were meant to be walking with were ready to leave at 10 on the dot, we said we would catch them up, as they were heading around the long series first. After a bacon roll that Dave paid for out appetite sated we headed out to catch up Team Vango, but we signed in the caches as we went as Team SCG (Saturday Caching Group). We also stopped in the Naseby village for some of the Adventure labs on route.

I would say we made good progress but for up until the half way point were two or three caches behind the rest of the party, until we reached No 23 and caught up with the rest of Team Vango. We were surprised that we hadn’t seen that many other groups out, we had gotten stuck for a bit behind behind a large family group. As Team Vango headed down this section we did get caught in a couple of sharp showers, before reaching back to the village of Naseby, where SCG parted ways briefly to finish of the adventure labs, then back to the event for some further nourishment.

After completing the further set of Adventure labs at Mega event location we headed off around the shorter series and then back to camp for more refreshments, think so far we had walked 11 miles. As evening was starting to come on and the raffle was coming up that we hadn’t brought tickets for, though I had purchased one of the new pirate hat coins. We headed out by car to pick up a few more caches then we parted with Team Vango and headed for home.

A very successful Piratemania mega event and day, 114 caches in total in the end for our team of Saturday Caching Group. We would be meeting up again with Team Vango the next weekend at the Milton Keynes Mega